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The Colorado Movement Company is an Exercise Science Health Promotion Company focused on improving its client’s human performance, while reducing the client’s risk from disease, injury, and disability.  The Colorado Movement Company is designed to provide our clients with the latest, most effective professional training programs possible.  We believe that the future of human and sports performance is our one-of-a-kind movement approach.



"I’ve been training with Tony ever since I first came into college football back in 2012. He’s the type of trainer that when you meet him you know exactly what he’s about; hard work, discipline, and passion. He knows his stuff and it is directly correlated to where he’ll take you based on your own goals.


One of the more memorable moments for me was when he brought me back from a knee injury where I completely snapped my patellar tendon. My season and possibly career was over. My surgeon warned me that when I came back to the game, I might never have full strength or capability in my knee ever again. Tony looked at that as a challenge when I came to him looking like skin and bones after recovery asking him to train me again. He built me from the ground up, but more importantly, he did it correctly and in a way that when I took the field again, I was in the best shape that I’ve ever been in my athletic career. I went from not being able to do a simple squat to playing high caliber college football again in the very next season.

I love training with Tony because his gym’s atmosphere is more like a family than just a regular gym, he truly cares about your needs and goals and helping you accomplish them while making it fun at the same time."

Josh C.

April, 2018

"This past year I made the decision to fight for my health! with the AWESOME support from Tony and Melissa. I have learned the importance of nutrition, hard work, and perseverance! I never thought I would be able to stop taking medicine for my Type II Diabetes, but I have! I love coming to the gym, spending time with my boys, and of course getting stronger! Hats off to both of you for helping me win the battle!"

Sara C.

November 2019

"Tony trained me in college and I loved every bit of working out with him. His style and intensity pushed me to finish my college athletic career and continue lifting with him years after being finished competing. I always want to keep the athletic mentality, intensity, and ability, and Tony brings that into the gym every day."

Elena Michalski

June 2018

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